Flowmetric fillers

Linear machines with magnetic or mass flowmeters suitable for liquid or semidense products


Volumetric linear machines with 4, 6 or 8 filling heads for homogeneous liquids like: fruit juices, dairy products

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Aisi 304 stainless steel structure with draining conduct along the structure edge
Product feeding manifold made of Aisi 304 stainless steel with 4 ¾” feeding connections
Automatic pneumatic valve at manifold infeed
Product filling valves supporting units. Electric height adjustment with self-braking motor. The filling positions of each size can be stored. Absolute encoder for vertical positioning
Pneumatic drip collecting pan
Conveyor belt with 114mm plastic chain, motorised by gear motor controlled by frequency converter. Length: 3500mm
Symmetrical adjustment of the guides by handwheels on the operator’s side
Photocell at infeed and outfeed (in case of void or overaccumulation)
Stainless steel cabinet containing all the pneumatic valves
Perimetric safety guards with Aisi 304 frame complying with CE regulations
Stainless steel control cabinet with display Siemens TP177 Touch Screen and PLC Siemens


Set up of the quantity of product to be filled by easy-to-use keyboard.
The quantity of product to be filled has no pre-defined limits since it is not linked to any mechanical volumes
No need for any additional set of change parts to handle different containers.
Filling is not influenced by the different thermal dilatations of products which might happen in case of hot filling
High filling accuracy by product flow electronic control. The filling accuracy is kept constant even after many hours of non-stop operation.
The machine can fill products with pieces having max 8mm diameter (only with short nozzle)
The machine can fill products with pieces having max 4mm diameter (only with long nozzle and traction-type closing)
The machine can fill products with pieces having max 2mm diameter (only with long nozzle and push-type closing)
Easy cleaning, washing, sanitization and maintenance
Important: the product must be free from air residuals (filling accuracy may be altered)