Continuous washing machine, featuring three phases, for cans, plastic containers, glass jars and bottles with 200mm max diameter and 300mm max height.
The machine is completely made of Aisi 304 stainless steel.
The process consists of three phases: washing, rinsing and draining
Max. speed 12.000 cph with 500cc containers


Installed power : 10KW
Dimensions: 6000 X 700 X h working height level 1000+- 50 mm
Consumption of dry saturated steam at 2-4 bar pressure: 100 Kg/h.
Air consumption : 5 Nl/1” at machine start– pressure 6 bar
Water consumption: 200 litres each tank when water is totally replaced


First phase: washing section consisting of nozzle-supporting pipes fed by a pump. The washing water is stocked in a tank.
The washing water is stocked in a tank and can be heated by water to waste.
At the end of the first phase, the product is roughly dried by a blower. The second section is also provided with nozzle- supporting pipes for rinsing purposes, also fed by a pump which pours water from an underneath tank.
Both tanks can be heated by steam to waste
Third phase: final draining by four blowers powered by a 3 kW motor.
Independent adjustment of the water contained in the two tanks by two manually adjustable thermostats
Fit for the aspiration of the vapours produced during the washing phases
The machine conveyor is controlled by variable frequency drive with a special design to ease the passage of as much water as possible.
Equipped with electric control cabinet with low-voltage controls and IP65 protection